Conscious Gifting: How to Have a More Sustainable Christmas

The Considerate Beauty team are split into two distinct camps at Christmas… One of us hums Christmas tunes in November and gets the decorations out at the teeniest sniff of a cold, frosty morning and the other is more akin to a large green monster who has, in the past, been known to attempt to steal Christmas. I wonder which of these camps you sit in?

So, we don’t approach Christmas in the same way but the one thing that we do both agree on is we get a little more ‘trashy’ at this time of year.

Reports suggest that around 114,000 tonnes of plastic waste will be discarded over Christmas time. And that’s thrown away, not recycled. Oh, and that’s just in the UK! Let me try and help you visualise this; 333 standard red bricks weigh roughly a tonne. We’re throwing away the equivalent of nearly 38 million red bricks in plastic waste during Christmas.

Have I got you thinking about what you’re planning on buying yet?

Well, just in case I haven’t, let me tell you something else. Around 21 million people will receive unwanted gifts this Christmas. And, that’s not even the worst part. 5% of these unwanted gifts won’t even make it to a charity shop, they’ll just be thrown away. Pretty shocking, right?

At Considerate Beauty, we always talk about making ‘one small change’ because, if everybody made one small change, they would add up to a very big change. So, guess what? We are asking you to think about making one small change in your gifting for this Christmas.

Ever heard of #consciousgifting? It is the giving of eco, ethical or sustainably made gifts to another person. No surprise that at Considerate Beauty, we’re fans of conscious gifting.

We don’t want to tell you how to ‘do Christmas’, that’s entirely your choice. (If anybody tried to tell me, The Grinch of Considerate Beauty, to behave differently at Christmas, it definitely wouldn’t be happening!). But perhaps you could just make one small change to your Christmas present buying and maybe be a little more conscious in what you’re buying? If everybody reduced the plastic in their gifts by even a small amount, all those small amounts would start to add up. And maybe, just maybe, we can reduce those 38 million red bricks worth of plastic down and, in time, hopefully obliterate it all together.

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