Vegan vs Cruelty-Free - What's the Difference?

The beauty industry is full of confusing jargon making it hard for consumers to make informed choices. But with more and more people looking to shop sustainably, there has been a noticeable shift in consumers looking for transparency.

We've broken down wo of our key USP's into simple, easy to understand definitions. The two labels are often used interchangeably, by both companies and consumers, but they actually don’t mean the same thing.

As you can see, cruelty-free products are not always vegan; by the same token, ‘accidentally vegan’ products are not always cruelty-free.

While the definitions of vegan and cruelty-free are not altogether aligned, at its heart, the principle behind each is the same. Both labels represent, and are champions for, the protection of animals and their rights.

Are your favourite brands cruelty-free?

Even though beauty brands are starting to catch up with the times by ditching animal testing, there are still companies that haven’t yet made the switch. If a brand is sold in mainland China then there is a requirement that all beauty products must first be tested on animals. Equally, some brands can market themselves as cruelty-free if they don't personally test on animals, however they may be owned by a parent company that does.

All the brands and products we stock are both vegan AND cruelty-free.

As consumers you have the power to drive change within the beauty industry. By voting with your money and supporting brands that have a vegan and cruelty-free ethos, you'll be sending a clear message that this is the future you want.

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