Veganuary; What, Why and Can You?

OK, hands-up. Who’s overindulged? Are you still overindulging? Hey, it’s that weird time between Christmas and New Year, so no judgement from us over at Considerate Beauty HQ. Actually, we never need an excuse when it comes to overindulging with food so definitely no judgement from us!

But, if you are anything like us, pretty soon your thoughts will come to balancing out the overindulgence and thinking about how you can eat a little healthier and perhaps be a little kinder to your body. With that in mind, one of the things that you might be thinking about is #Veganuary.

Never heard of it? It’s when you eat a #vegan, #plant-based diet for 31 days during the month of January. Veganuary are a registered charity with a mission ‘to inspire people to try vegan, drive corporate change, and create a global mass movement championing compassionate food choices with the aim of ending animal farming, protecting the planet and improving human health.’

So, why might you consider taking part in Veganuary? Well, perhaps the most obvious or common reason is wanting to prevent the exploitation of animals. 46% of Veganuary’s 2021 participants cited this as their reason for taking part in the diet change. But, also high on the list from the over half a million participants, were health reasons and environmental reasons.

From a health reasons perspective, the website cite many benefits of a vegan diet. They say that vegan diets have been linked to lower rates of heart disease and diabetes and, with a vegan diet, you are eliminating foods that are strongly linked to some cancers.

And what about the environment? Why would you be vegan for environmental reasons? Well, again, state a number of ways in which the meat and dairy industry are impacting our environment:

  • Raising animals for meat and milk wastes resources

  • A significant proportion of grain fed to animals turns to manure and this manure pollutes local water supplies

  • The land used to grow animal feed is often in less-developed parts of the world and so impoverished populations are encouraged to grow animal grains rather than food for themselves

  • The approximately 74 billion animals raised worldwide for the meat and dairy industries collectively produce massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere

  • The fishing industry is among the world’s great environmental menaces. Fish populations around the world are in steep decline and, in some parts of the world, the populations are entirely dependent on fish for survival

Significantly less crops and water are required to sustain a plant-based diet and so the impact on the environment is reported to be significantly less.

Look, over here at Considerate Beauty, it is never our place to tell you what to do or how you should live your lives. Only you can decide what’s right for you and we know that the planning it takes to follow a vegan diet, often the lack of choices available when eating out and, the challenges of trying to please multiple people in one household, are all barriers to making the switch to a vegan diet, even for one month.

Believe me, we understand these barriers. We only encourage you to make one small change to your lifestyle that, in turn, will have an impact on the environment. So if you can't commit to a full month, why not try a shorter duration? And, why not commit to switching out some of your beauty products that aren't vegan, for ones that are! We make it as easy as possible for you – all our products are vegan! A lot of the barriers that might be in the way for you making a vegan diet switch aren’t likely to be there when considering a beauty product switch. So maybe you could do Veganuary a little differently?

But, for now, enjoy these holidays in whatever way you like. We’re signing off for some more family time (and quite possibly a little more food & drink too!!). Happy Holidays!

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